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Paulowni Paulownia – The green business power

Paulownia – The green business power

Unbeatable in every way. The fastest growing plant all over the world. It is lightweight, but durable. Almost every part of it can be used in industry.  As the first in Poland we offer the delivery of the highest quality seedlings of the Paulownia from our own crops and we offer establishing and running the Paulownia plantations. 

Paulownia derives and is a native plant to the South-East Asia, but currently it is cultivated in many places in the world due to rapid growth and high-quality wood. Within 8 to 10 years after planting it reaches a size that allows to harvest, growing up in that time to approx. 15 meters height and reaching a diameter of approx. 50 centimeters. 
Increases in the order of 1 cubic meter in 10 years result in exceptionally high return on investment


Section of the 8 years old Paulownia tree

Because of its unusual properties it has been called a tree of the future. It is highly valued by environmentalists because it is growing in places where other species do not find favorable conditions for development. This makes it suitable for aforestation, thus the creation of the protective forest green belts. 


- The fastest growing tree in the world 
- Thanks to the huge leaves to produce much more oxygen than other deciduous trees. 
- It is resistant to low temperatures, parasitic diseases and insects. 
- It has a very strong root system - after the first cutting, it grows back again allowing the harvest in the next four or in the five cycles. 
- produces approx. 1 m3 of wood within 8 to 10 years under the  proper care and optimal conditions.  
- Wood of Paulownia is light (it weighs only at a half of the pine wood) being at the same time very durable and hard.  


- As much as 70 per cent by volume of Paulownia is its log, which can be used for the production of high quality wood. The remaining 30 percent (branches, leaves and flowers) can be easily processed into biomass.  
- Due to the high content of protein and nitrogen, the leaves can be administered to animals and to be used as a natural fertilizer.  
- Wood of the Paulownia is easy to handle. It is flexible, but does not deform. It can be stained, painted and glued. It is resistant to water. The structure is homogeneous - without knots and resin. 

As the first company in Poland we offer the delivery of the highest quality seedlings of the Paulownia from our own crops and establishing and running the Paulownia plantations. 

We invite you to contact us! We would be pleased to answer any your questions. We offer a hybrid variant of Paulownia Shan Tong tree - a crossword puzzle of the Paulownia tomentosa and the Paulownia fortunei, which is characterized by very high resistance to low temperatures (up to - 27 ° C). The trees have a height from 30 to 200 cm. The price depends on the size and quantity. Delivery standard is 7 days after payment, there is also the opportunity to receive seedling trees on-site in our plantations.


Executed and planted by us the 10 hectares big Paulownia plantation – in 8 weeks after planting of seedling trees
Paulownia trees in 10 weeks after planting of seedling trees